Reasons People Give Up Being Vegan

Being vegan is difficult. Apart from the psychological pressure from the society and many ridiculous stereotypes, maintaining the plant-based diet can be challenging. This is especially true for the individuals who try to eat healthy and have a busy lifestyle. Because of this, many vegans give up and go back eating animal-based food. It is important to address the issue and dive into the reasons in order to raise the awareness.

Many people give up due to their fitness goals. As we spoke to the previous article, it can be difficult for some people to meet their daily protein requirements. We also mentioned that it is completely doable with some planning and want to repeat it, but for some vegans it can be too much to think about due to other important things already occupying their minds. Imagine trying to build a career, have a family, go to the gym and to also think about protein intake. You end up constantly preparing your own food and making sure mixing right stuff together to get all important amino acids.

For some it is difficult to cook all the time. You can prepare any meal without using animal products, but you actually have to cook. Many people do not like the idea of cooking and eat out almost every day. The problem? Vegan food is either cheap and very boring or tasty and quite expensive. IF you have lots of money, that is not an issue, but for most of the people it is either not being able to afford or cook by themselves.

Money can be a problem. Even if you are willing to cook by yourself, having a variety can be costly. Taking fat from the nuts only is expensive in some places. Buying lots of veggies to meet calorie requirements and getting tofu meat replacements can also add up to a sum that not many can afford.

Apart from time or financial problems, a psychological factor can play a role. Many people give up being vegans because they can’t take the criticism and awkward eyes from the people. There are so many strange stereotypes about vegans and so many illogical negativity towards the group, that many people do not want to be labeled as vegans. This is especially true for people living in the conservative places where not eating animal products can be strange for the society.

Some vegans give up because they do not have access to the vegan food. Some companies make their employees work in the remote areas, where eating vegan means only eating rice and potato. Imagine being an engineer building a dam far away from the cities. You stay there for a few months and what company provides are mostly made with meat or dairy. Forget anything fitness related in that situation if you want to follow a vegan diet. Not everybody has a typical office job in the center of New York.

Then there are people who give up mentally. Looking at the signs of weak people Psychology website, you can get an idea how many of us are actually mentally weak. Most of us start this journey because of ethical or environmental reasons. Sometimes some end up saying “Why should I give up the food I enjoy” and stop their efforts. This is unfortunate, but happens more than the vegan community wants to admit.

Hopefully the negativity towards vegan, strange stereotypes and the availability of vegan food will not be problematic topics in the near future and everyone will be able to follow the diets of their choices.