How To Maintain Vegan Diet While Being Busy

Before you start planning the week meals, make sure t check your kitchen and see what all the things you required to prepare the meal. Start the vegan diet with what you already have at home (particularly if the food items to go bad soon).

Check for the following items and prioritize using them in meals this week:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Oils, spices, dressings, etc.
  • Vegan yogurts and milk
  • The canned foods that have been in the pantry for a long time
  • Any other perishables or non-perishables item that hasn’t been used for a long time.

This planning can help you prepare a meal for a week and at the same time, you don’t have to waste your produce and money.

Keep your meal plan simple with no-recipe recipes:

If you are ready with the ingredients list, then you can start your meal planning. Now, it is a crucial time to figure out how and in what meals you can use these ingredients. However, the best suggestion is that if you want the plan to be simple, and then go with no-recipe recipes.

It is a perfect option for the busy person who wants to follow a vegan diet.  Of course, you don’t want a twenty-step recipe to prepare a meal on a Monday night.  So plan it in such a way so that you can use up all the leftovers that you have listed like packed vegan dressing, some canned beans, grains, and some raw veggies, etc.

No-Recipe Recipe System:  If you are a beginner in cooking skills, then it may take some tie to understand the skill and improvising.  Also, you can try mixing actual recipes and no-recipe recipes of others to learn new techniques and for inspiration.

All that you need to do is just search in Google, and look for your vegan cooking website and look for great vegan foods that you can cook easily.

Use a digital calendar: If you want to remember your meal schedule, then note it down in a digital calendar.  The digital calendar can be easily accessed online and on your Smartphone, note it down when you are heading back home to cook or if you are in the grocery store.  Use Google Calendar, it is the best for everything. You can easily create a calendar called “meals” for your meal planning.

On your digital calendar:  Use a bright color scheme to make it look different from the regular calendar so you can quickly to note down your meal in the calendar

Note what you want to prepare for breakfast, dinner, and lunch for the entire week.  You can as well add some snacks in between to make sure you to use some perishable items like bananas or any other fruits.

You can also use links to any vegan online recipes in the description box of a meal so you can just click the link and get the recipe whenever you want.  In the note, in clued all the ingredients that you want to use, note it in the description box.

Do not overshop: If you have planned to prepare your vegan meal well, then the ingredients that you need should be combined with what you already have, and then figure out what you still have to get. So, you don’t need to buy the items that you already have when you go to the grocery store and you can avoid shopping more.

If you shop the items that are not on the list, then it is a waste of money and food.  Don’t allow those store sales tricks to get into your head, like when you see 5% off.  So if you buy the stuff that you don’t use in your meal plan that it is nothing but a waste of money, plan, and food.

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