How To Eat Healthy Vegan Food While Eating Outside?

Eating outside as Vegan can be a nightmare. This is because it is tough to find vegan restaurants in particular, and it is even more difficult to cater to specific vegan needs. With a bit of mix and match here and there the following options can be tried to stick to as close to vegan food in a restaurant.

Curry is your friend – Asia has tons of vegan and vegetarian people. With the number of people converting to vegetarian and vegan food on the rise, the variety of foods, getting included in the vegan diet are also on the rise. In India alone, it is seen that in the entire population almost 40% is vegetarian. South Indian dishes such as sambar and curries can be included as they are not only vegan but are also rich with proteins due to the inclusion of lentils. These foods can be tried out in restaurants where there are options to mix these curries with other foods too. North Indian cuisines can also be tried, but while experimenting with Indian foods, make sure to go to a proper restaurant or the risk of getting mixed with the nearby Asian foods is prevalent.

South East Asian food – With the countries surrounding the now discussed Asian country, they also provide a wide list of vegan foods which will be spicy too. Packed with nutrients isĀ tempeh, a dish from Indonesia. Made, unlike the normal ground soy beans which are pressed and fermented this bean is actually whole. Most of the Asian food is highly rich in green veggies. However, the inclusion of fish sauce or shrimp is prevalent which should be taken care of by the vegans. When going for Thai foods, a special request can be made to make the dishes with the inclusion of massamanĀ instead of the fish.

Some Italian food is also good – It is an unknown fact that in Europe the highest number of vegetarians is found in Italy. This country does have a list of food options which are free from meat. Though it is difficult to find an Italian dish completely free from meat, it sure does disprove the theory that al pasta dishes are filled with cheese. When going for Italian, try to opt for the South Italian ones as they have a number of options in food. Dishes like Puglian are made from durum wheat along with pasta, which is free even from eggs and is a great option for vegans.

Pay more sometimes – When going to an expensive restaurant, the option for any category of food lover increases. While the possibility of finding pure vegan dishes can be questioned, a good source of food for the herbivorous can be found. While some restaurants offer pure catered vegan food, some try to adapt their prefixed menus in the vegan style.