Health Benefits of Being Vegan

There are tons of reason why people choose vegan diet – Weight loss, longer lifespan, more energy, etc.. Apart from this losing weight factor, vegan food also comes with a list of health benefits. Maintaining a healthy heart is one of the primary benefits of vegan food. There is the prevention of cancer and protection against type 2 diabetes added to this list. Let’s check out the researched benefits of vegan food.

Nutrient rich diet – By switching from a western diet to a vegan diet, the meat and its by-products will be eliminated. Due to this fact, other whole foods will have to be taken as a replacement for animal food. This will primarily constitute of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits. These foods will take hold of the major portion of the diet. This will lead to a high intake of many beneficial nutrients.

Many vegan diets are found to be rich in fiber, plant compounds, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C and E, and antioxidants. While this is the case it is also important to stay away from fast vegan foods which are neither healthy nor nutrient rich.

Weight loss – Most people switch to a vegan diet in the hope of reducing weight. Many studies have shown that people who take vegan foods are much thinner and have an adequate body mass index when compared to the non-vegans. Researchers have also proved that vegan food is more effective for weight loss. During weight loss programs vegans were able to reduce weight much faster irrespective of the fact that they were eating full.

Blood sugar and kidney health – Vegans are reported to have lower blood sugar, which eliminates the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes to an extent of 50-70%. When people with high blood sugar were switched to vegan foods in a study, the amount of medication taken for lowering blood sugar was significantly reduced. When people were switched from a normal diet to vegan, the risk of poor kidney functionality was reduced.

Protection against cancer – Cancer can be avoided if the right food is taken in the diet. Consuming legumes will alone reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancer by an extent of 9-18%. When fruits part of the vegan diet is consumed the risk of death from cancer can be eliminated by 15%. Since a vegan diet is rich in soy products this reduces the attack from breast cancer.

Heart disease – When a properly planned vegan, rich diet is taken, it reduces the risk of heart failure to a great extent. With better management of blood sugar and the reduction of the cholesterol level, the functioning of the heart becomes better with vegan food.

Arthritis – Studies show that people with arthritis when shifted to a vegan diet show positive effects. Along with high energy levels, better functioning of general health compared to people consuming non-vegan diet was also witnessed.